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Vocational & Handicraft Training Programme

At the Stree Welfare Foundation, we understand the importance of providing vocational and handicraft training to women as a means of empowering them and improving their livelihoods. Our Vocational & Handicraft Training program aims to provide women with the necessary skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and financially independent.

Through our program, we provide training in various areas such as tailoring, embroidery, handicrafts, and other marketable skills. We also provide business management and financial literacy training, helping women learn how to run and manage their own businesses successfully.

We work with women from marginalized communities and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to establish and run their businesses. This not only empowers women but also contributes to the overall economic development of the community.

Furthermore, our program promotes the preservation and promotion of traditional handicrafts and artisanal skills, which have a rich cultural heritage. We work towards reviving these skills and promoting them among women, creating opportunities for income generation and preserving traditional knowledge.

Our Vocational & Handicraft Training program also provides a platform for women to showcase and sell their products, helping them to gain access to markets and increase their income. We also work towards creating linkages with established businesses, creating opportunities for women to supply their products to larger markets.

Overall, our Vocational & Handicraft Training program is a crucial component of our work at the Stree Welfare Foundation. We believe that providing women with vocational and handicraft training is a powerful tool for empowering them, promoting economic development, and preserving traditional knowledge and culture.